Today’s Interview is with Paul Samakow, Esq. Lawyer and Owner of Samakow Law Offices in the Washington DC area. Paul passed the bar exam started his law practice and never looked back. Paul has successfully run his law offices for 40 years now and has begun sharing his business knowledge with other small business owners. Paul wrote a book, Step by Step Achieve Small Business Success, and packed his 40 years of small business in an easy to ready guide to running a small business. In the episode Paul talks about his super power which I feel is something we should all strive to get better at. He also shares a strategy he coaches his business clients to use to market their business. If I asked you to guess the strategy it wouldn’t likely be your first, second or even third guess.

Today’s Guest

Paul Samakow

Paul, an attorney in Virginia and Maryland, never worked in a law
firm. Rather, he started his own practice 40 years ago and has built it
into a multi-million-dollar practice with seven offices around the
region, protecting people who big businesses and insurers belittle or

Paul has been a lifelong entrepreneur. He started in High School with
a photography business that within a year blossomed into taking group
pictures of virtually every public swimming club’s “teams” in the
region. He even once photographed the “runner up” to Ms. America,
asking her when they met if she was a model “or something.”

Since high school Paul describes himself as a “marketing junkie” and
claims to have devoured virtually every book on sales, marketing, and
the psychology of persuasion that is out there.

Paul has hundreds of business clients and he shows them, and
aspiring entrepreneurs simple steps to help their business grow, with
the goal of parlaying their past work into success into double or triple
their prior revenues while working considerably less. He is the author
of 5 books. Check out his book for small businesses Step By Step,
Achieve Small Business Success.



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8230 Old Courthouse Rd. #430
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Wheaton, MD
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Baltimore, MD
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