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I am proud to be an affiliate for many of the below tools. For each tool I am an affiliate of I use an affiliate link and clearly label them as an affiliate. All that means is if you click on the link and make a purchase I earn a commission.

You won’t pay any more by clicking on the link the commision I am paid comes from that company’s marketing budget not your pocket.

I only reccomend products that I have used myself and have given a signifigant test drive. It also has to pass the Mom test. If I wouldn’t reccomend my Mom to buy one of these tools I won’t reccomend it to you.

Top Tools

bluehost logo

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Some of you might know I have a website design business, HG Site Design.  Bluehost is the hosting provider I recomend to all of my clients.  There are three main reasons I use Bluehost for both of my websites, as well as my clients.

They are affordable, with plans starting at $3.95 per month. Their 24/7 customer service is better than I have experienced with any other hosting provider and are as reliable as they come.

elegant themes logo

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Elegant Themes – Divi

Elegant Themes makes the worlds most popular WordPress Theme, Divi. Included in Divi is a page builder that allows you to build web pages visually.  It’s what I used to build the site you are on right now as well as most of my web design customer’s websites.

Divi page builder is packed with time saving options that allow you to build websites for your clients fast. The best part is you pay for a lifetime license and you can use Divi Builder from Elegant Themes to build unlimited websites!

quickbooks logo

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When I first started my business accounting software was the least of my worries. I was more concerned with getting that first web design client.  Once I landed that client and asked for payment I realized pretty quickly I needed a way to accept credit cards.

I quickly did some research and realized  Quickbooks was the best option for me. Not only could I send professional branded digital invoices to my clients but I was able to track my expense and make tax time a breeze. If you are looking for accounting software I highly recommend going with the Number 1 online accounting option. Plus get 50% off for the first 3 months when you use my link!

canva logo

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As small business owners many of us wear a lot of different hats if not all the hats.  If you have social media or a website that you update Canva might be right for you.

I have used other more expensive design tools in the past but I really like how easy Canva is to use. The interface is so intuitive and they are contstantly designing new templates that you can easily change to make it your own.

They even have an app that makes it easy to tweak your design on your phone and then updload it directly to social media apps like instagram and facebook.


fiverr logo

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I have found as a small business owner I wear so many hats and some times my to do list is overwhelming. Fiverr is where I turn when I need to cross some of those items off the list.  Anything from Graphic Design and Logos to Social Media or Programming. 

Each week after I record my episode I package it up and send it over to my guy at Fiverr and in just a couple of days I get back a beautifully edited episode each and every time.

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