Ever wonder what is the best way to enhance your public relations in your community? Or What social media platforms your business should be active on, do you really have time for all of them?  Carey Balogh the Chief Executive Groupie of the Public Relations firm Brand Groupies answer these questions and more in today’s episode.

Today’s Guest

Carey Balogh

In 2015, Carey founded her full-service branding agency BRAND GROUPIES to guide brands toward success with a cohesive, 360-degree approach to marketing, connecting the right creative buzz-worthy initiatives to meet her clients’ goals with the “big picture” always in mind. Carey boasts 20+ years of experience in brand development and management, public relations, social media, marketing, and high-profile events in fashion, design, hospitality, food/beverage, and entertainment. As a PR Director, Carey has worked with international powerhouse clients including Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Hublot Watches (LVMH) in New York City and Milan.
She co-founded Frolic!, a children’s rock ‘n’ roll-themed play space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that was named “Best Play Space in NYC” by TimeOut New York Kids and acquired by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Carey received her B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Fashion Promotion from the Marangoni Institute in Milan.


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