My guest is Rachel Eubanks she is a Copywriter and the founder of Inspire To Engage. I pick Rachel’s brain about all things, copywriting and she gives some great information about fear a small business owner and you’re just starting out and trying to develop your style and tone of the copy that you want from your brand. What are some steps you can take to do that. And then if you’re to a point where you want to outsource that copywriting to someone like Rachel, what can you do to set that person up for success, how do you best communicate the style and tone that you’re looking forward to your copywriter. She also gives helpful tips to structure social media post to improve engagement. All that and a lot more with Rachel Eubanks.

Today’s Guest

Rachel Eubanks

Rachel Eubanks is a copywriter that sees the writing potential in every small business owner. After all, who knows their businesses better than the people who live and breathe them every day? Rachel’s also a mom, wife, daughter, podcast host and former public school teacher who realizes that an educator is the ultimate marketer. She drinks too much caffeine (a problem she’s working on) and loves fresh flowers in her house. You can learn more about Rachel, her copywriting services and podcast at her site –


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