Today’s Interview is with Aaron and Deb Gress, owners of Vintage Beef a farm to table beef supplier based out of Charter Oak, IA.  Deb and Aaron talk about how they decided to start marketing their beef direct to consumer when one of their sons refused to eat store bought ground beef. They polled their Facebook community to an overwhelming response and the rest is history. They have steadily grown their business until the last few months when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and things really took off. Now they have orders for beef all they way out to November 2021.  It was fun catching up with them and they provided a lot of great thoughts on running a successful business.

Today’s Guests

Aaron and Deb Gress

Aaron and Deb Gress have been raising cattle and farming for over 20 years in western Iowa. Three years ago they ran out of beef in their freezer and had to purchase beef at the grocery store. They realized after purchasing the beef at the grocery store, how exceptional their product was and decided to offer farm to table beef in large and small quantities direct to the consumer. The business has steadily grown the last three years with rapid growth during the last three months. They have gained many new customers and recently added “Country Living” Apparel to their website. They plan on continuing to expand significantly over the next couple years to try and meet demand. Aaron and Deb have three sons, Dawson 17, Peyton 13, and Teagen 9, who also help out with the family business. In their spare time they like to watch college sporting events, go to their boys activities, travel, and work out.


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