My Guest today is Kyle Spyrides. Kyle is a photographer based out of Perth Australia.  I talk to Kyle about the nuts and bolts of being a photographer from how he prepares for shoots to how to best handle difficult clients. Kyle also talks about his life and how his Grandparents made a large impact on who he is today and the advice they gave him that guided him down his path.

Today’s Guest

Kyle Spyrides

A younger me grabbed a hold of the words my grandfather told me with every cell in my body and I have been running with it ever since. “Decide your destiny” he told me with an abundance of accomplishment and joyful confidence. The smile on his face resembled a childlike grin which was fitting as he would also say “Never let the child in you die”.
That message was not only delivered to my ears, it pierced all the way through to my heart and reminded me of what I had heard about a much, much younger me. My family would not hesitate to mention how I was a very unusual young child. Unusual in the way I would interact with absolutely anyone and everyone who was qualified as a fully grown adult.
With a resounding confidence whilst standing at the traffic lights I said “Hello Mr, what’s your name?” to 7 foot Kane the wrestler look a like gentlemen. There’s no surprise that this made my parents very nervous. To be fair I am not sure what content I was consuming at that age so I’m not sure who’s to blame for the one incident at a restaurant where I yelled “Hey Chickybabe can I get another Cola?” to the waitress – all this from a 2 year old, that’s why it was a bit unusual. That same beaming confidence, interested in other is what I pursue everyday whilst fusing that energy with my passion in business and capturing images that are as valuable as the last image of a loved one tucked away in a returning soldiers wallet.
Business Photographer Perth Headshots and Branding Photography Soul Gazing Photography is a business that focusses on visual storytelling who consider your journey. Further than that I care about capturing your vision and the essence of what you are trying to convey. I am driven to create the media that connects you to your target audience. I aim to represent you and what you stand for in the best light possible.
My business came about as a natural development from my deep interest in powerful imagery. My ambition is to move people with my photography by creating photographs that would draw you in and peak your interest as you peel back the layers behind that moment in time. Visual interpretation has the ability to change moods, evoke emotion and call for action like nothing else.


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