Today’s interview is with Dave Selden, Owner, Operator and as his email signature states”Chief Janitor/Creator” of 33 Books.  Dave talks about how over time his passion for beer and design became a successful small business with a product line of 50+ skus and distribution across the united states and really world wide. Dave’s signature products are his pocket sized journal that provide you an easy way to record tasting notes from a variety of food and beverages. When I say variety I mean it, check out his website. He has tasting books for beer, wine, cheese, salami, oysters, scotch just to name a few. This was a fun episode to record as we both sipped on a glass of whiskey or is it whisky? I am not sure but grab one of Dave’s books I am sure he will set you straight!

Today’s Guest

Dave Selden

Dave Selden is a Portland, Oregon-based graphic designer and creator of the “33” series of pocket-sized tasting notebooks. He’s an avid runner, woodworker and beer geek in his spare time, which is fleeting these days, thanks to the recent arrival of his second child. He hails from the great state of Iowa and smokes his own bacon, two facts which may or may not be related.


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