Today’s interview is with Holley Stofferahn Owner of Holley Stofferahn Photography  In this episode Holley discusses how she has used in person networking and Facebook Groups to grow her business. She also talks about how she worked on pricing her services along with a variety of other topics.

Today’s Guest

Holley Stofferahn

Holley Stofferahn Photography, Holley specializes in the portraiture of, Children, Family, Tweens, Seniors, Headshots and Personal Brand Photography for small business and entrepreneurs.
She is based in Omaha, NE and very passionate about helping small business and entrepreneurs with creating digital content for their business. Holley understands how hard it is to run a small business, and all the different hats small business owners have to wear. She also understands how important time is to a business. When Holley creates content for your personal brand, your not just getting content your also getting time back.


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