Today’s Interview is with Bernard Gleton, Owner of Netware Technical Solutions and the host of The Genesis Project Podcast. In this episode Bernard talks about the book that changed his mindset from over analyzing to testing and making improvements. He also talked a lot about his decision to try out for the Canadian Football League even though the last time he played football was in his senior year of high school. Such a great story and a fun conversation with Bernard. I know you’re going to enjoy it!

Today’s Guest

Bernard Gleton

Ex-pro athlete turned tech entrepreneur and podcast host. Bernard had his share of ups and downs, and even more twists than normal. After a short stint in the CFL, he turned to IT and hasn’t really looked back since then. Bernard started an IT consultancy and services company over 10 years ago helping businesses leverage technology to help their bottom line. His newest venture is as a podcast host of The Genesis Project Podcast, where he interviews incredible people, pushing the entrepreneurial agenda forward and helping people to start their entrepreneurial path.


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