My Guest today is Janis Isama she is a movement specialist and the founder of My Body Couture. She talks about her transition from the corporate world and a job and career that had really nothing to do with health into the health profession and how that came about, along with different things and treatments. Janis run a business that dedicated on helping people feel better, move better and live better and also work with people who have pains. She crafted a business for a solution to a problem that she once had, and take a chance to help, a chance to learn and a chance to connect.

Today’s Guest

Janis Isaman

Janis Isaman, founder of My Body Couture, helps people feel better in their body. Like most business owners today, she sees clients online and in person, and her speciality is helping people rid themselves of pain. She’s highly certified in both fitness and nutrition modalities and has been quoted as a lifestyle expert in Reader’s Digest, Prevention and Woman’s Health. But she’s not just a textbook of knowledge with a wall full of certifications. She’s a very real person, who has lived through her own lifestyle and body challenges. In her one to one sessions, she therefore provides practical solutions for her clients, taking the time to get to know their lifestyle challenges and provide reasonable solutions with her lively personality and approachable manner. This is a woman you want to know!


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