Today’s Guest is Matt Yahes Founder and CEO of Extend Your Team a Virtual Staffing Agency. Matt talks about how his life as an entrepreneur changed when he transitioned to using VAs in his business. He also gives advice on how to evaluate your processes to figure out what your first VA hire should be.

Matt Yahes

As the founder of Extend Your team, a Virtual Assistant company, Matthew Yahes helps entrepreneurs and operators of all company sizes grow their business by getting out of the grind.
Matthew was working 14 hours a day on his eCommerce portfolio, managing a team of 6, was buried in operations, and it was affecting his marriage. The situation was not tenable.
He had enough and finally figured out how to hire an A+ player overseas who could run the operations better than him so he could focus on growth. He realized that the core issue is people look for a “Virtual Assistant” and not a “Real Professional”.
In 45 days, Matthew went from working 14 hours to 3 hours a day and now it’s 3 hours a week.
Matthew built his past two companies with a 100% remote workforce and now helps others do the same. In his spare time he snowboards well, kiteboards poorly, and enjoys life with his incredibly patient wife.

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